About Us

About Us

The Precision Medicine in Diabetes Initiative (PMDI) is a joint effort of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). The PMDI recently published a Consensus Report jointly in Diabetes Care and Diabetologia ( https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32561617 and https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32556613 )

This report provides an evaluation of the current state of precision medicine as applied to diabetes (diagnostics, therapeutics, prevention, prognosis), key barriers and opportunities, as well as prospects for the future. Forms of diabetes where precision diagnosis is currently feasible and effective (i.e., monogenic forms) are presented, while the major hurdles to the global implementation of precision diagnosis of complex forms of diabetes were discussed; similar content focused on precision therapeutics.

A series of evidence-based reviews are ongoing and will provide a roadmap for precision medicine in diabetes that helps improve the quality of life for all those with diabetes.

Program - First ADA International Symposium on Precision Medicine, October 2019


Pernilla Siming (Administrative Support), Lund University

  • John Nolan (Chair), Trinity College Dublin
  • Paul Franks, Lund University
  • Marie-France Hivert, Harvard Medical School
  • Linong Ji, Peking University Medical Center
  • Anna Kahkoska, University of North Carolina
  • V Mohan, Chairman, Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, Chennai, India
  • Zhila Semnani-Azad, University of Toronto
  • Paul Franks, PhD, Lund University (co-Chair)
  • Steve Rich, PhD, University of Virginia (co-Chair)
  • Robert Eckel, MD PhD, University of Colorado, American Diabetes Association
  • Robert Gabbay, MD PhD, American Diabetes Association (ex-officio)
  • John Nolan, MD FRCPI, Trinity College Dublin and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes
  • Louis Philipson, MD PhD, University of Chicago
  • Paul W. Franks, PhD, Lund University, Task Force Co-Chair
  • Stephen S. Rich, PhD, University of Virginia, Task Force Co-Chair
  • Wendy Chung, MD, PhD, Columbia University
  • Jose C. Florez, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Carla Greenbaum, MD, University of Washington
  • Andrew Hattersley, FRCP, University of Exeter
  • Christine G. Lee, MD, MS, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
  • Mark McCarthy, FRCP, PhD, Genentech and University of Oxford
  • John Nolan, MD, Trinity College Dublin, European Association for the Study of Diabetes
  • Jill Norris, MPH, PhD, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Ewan Pearson, FRCP, PhD, University of Dundee