PDM2021 Conference Recordings

Day 1 - April 8th 2021

Session / Topic Chair / Speaker Video
Vision and Direction of the Precision Medicine for Diabetes Initiative John Nolan, MD & Christine Lee, MD Play Video  (111)
Welcome and opening remarks Tracey Brown, CEO, American Diabetes Association Play Video  (44)
Opening remarks Stefano Del Prato, President, European Association for the Study of Diabetes Play Video  (31)
Keynote: The Precision Medicine in Diabetes Initiative – Treating the Whole Person Robert Gabbay, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, American Diabetes Association Play Video  (74)
Keynote: Real Life Needs of People with Diabetes Dana Lewis, US, living with type 1 diabetes Play Video  (46)
Precision Medicine and the Research Agenda for Diabetes William Cefalu, Director, Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, NIDDK Play Video  (46)
The Precision Medicine in Diabetes Initiative – Vision and Future Direction Paul Franks, Co-chair, ADA/EASD Precision Medicine in Diabetes Initiative Play Video  (74)
A Vision for Future Diabetes Care based on Precision Martin Ridderstråle, Senior Vice President and Head of Patient Care, Novo Nordisk Foundation Play Video  (84)
Session / Topic Chair / Speaker Video
Moderated, Early-Career Poster Presentations Bob Eckel, MD Play Video  (11)
Longitudinal phenotypes of type 1 diabetes in youth based on weight and glycemia and their association with complications Anna Kahkoska Play Video  (4)
Comparison of Four Risk Prediction Models for Diabetes Remission After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery in Obese Chinese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Kam Hoi Man Play Video  (5)
Genome-wide association study reveals genetic overlap between placental weight, birth weight and diabetes. Christopher Flatley Play Video  (0)
Precision medicine in type 2 diabetes: Predictors of differential HbA1c response to SGLT2-inhibitors identified in primary care data are replicated in EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial data Katherine Young Play Video  (4)
In vitro functional analysis of human HNF1B variants aid variant interpretation and clinical diagnostics Aishwarya Pavithram Play Video  (1)
A type 1 diabetes diagnostic model including type 1 diabetes genetic risk score and clinical features aids in classification of adult patients with clinical type 1 diabetes that are islet autoantibody negative Josefine Tecklenborg Play Video  (9)
The interplay between polygenic and rare HNF1A variant risk in type 2 diabetes. Lauren Stalbow Play Video  (3)
Genetics and Clinical Characteristics of PPARG Variants Induced Diabetes in a Chinese Han Population Siqian Gong Play Video  (5)
Prognostic markers of diabetes-associated mortality in clinical notes: a retrospective cohort analysis using machine learning and unstructured big data Kushan De Silva Play Video  (3)
Precision diagnostics in diabetes: Unraveling the disease causality of HNF1B coding variants in two large Norwegian diabetes registries Ingvild Losnegard Koløen Play Video  (4)